Sober Transport

We provide safe transport with experienced professionals that understand the fears surrounding transitions and appointments that your loved one is required to make. Having a experienced Recovery Coach bring your loved one to and from is the safest way to avoid potentially triggering situations. Large transitions can often leave us feeling unsure and vulnerable during a crucial and sensitive time. Sober Transport will not only help your loved one to plan for their transition and also process any concerns that may arise.

BGRS Can Help You Make it Anywhere

One of the hardest decisions for a family or loved one to make can be going to treatment. This requires a lot of support and encouragement. It is hard to see in the moment that this is the best decision someone can make for saving their life. Having a professional to transport during these times we can wrap our arms around your loved one and provide all the supports necessary to make a healthy transition. We work closely with families to put in all safety and support measures prior to transport.

Events Include

  • Home to Detox/Treatment

  • Doctors/Therapy Appointments – From home/sober living or treatment

  • Jail to Treatment

  • Treatment to Extended Care/Sober Living

  • Court Appearances – From home/sober living or treatment

  • Events (to and from) – From home/sober living or treatment

By Grace Recovery Services is a multifaceted Recovery Coaching program. We employ and work closely with many specialist and industry leaders to utilize all relevant methods and therapies. This helps us to create individualized programs, that gives you and your loved one the best chances at recovery.